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Connections - Fall 2011


Our Low-Interest Mortgage Loans Can Put A New Home Within Your Reach

Thanks to historically-low interest rates, there’s never been a better time to buy real estate. But these rock-bottom rates won’t last forever. If you’re in the market for a new home – or have been considering refinancing your current mortgage – now is the perfect time to apply for a mortgage at Melrose Credit Union.

Our dedicated team of mortgage consultants will guide you through the entire loan process. They’ll answer your questions and address your concerns quickly and professionally. And they’ll help you explore your options, so you are totally comfortable,no matter which mortgage option you select:

  • First & Second Mortgages
  • Co-Op & Condo Purchase Programs

It’s Easy To Apply

Request a Mortgage application by calling the Real Estate Dept. at (718) 658-9800, option 3 or apply online at and click the mortgage link.



A Valuable Life Lesson For Kids: The Power Of Saving

It’s inevitable. Your kids will get money for special occasions like a birthday or holiday from Grandma, a favorite aunt or even from you. And usually, they want to spend it as soon as they get it. Without dampening your child’s enthusiasm about their newly-found wealth, a gift of money presents a perfect opportunity to teach them about the power of saving.

As great as that sounds, it’s not always easy to convince your kids that saving money versus spending it is the way to go. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Start By Matching Their Savings – For every dollar your child saves, offer to match it. Start by matching dollar for dollar when they’re young, then back off to a lesser amount once they’re a little older.
  2. Open A Savings Account – Encourage your child to deposit a portion of money he earns into a savings account and track the interest earned on his account. An EZKidz Account from Melrose Credit Union is designed specifically to help children 6-12 develop good savings habits.
  3. Help Them Set Savings Goals – Especially for young children, use a simple graphic to illustrate their savings progress. If they want to save for an expensive toy or video game, for example, help them chart their savings on a drawing of an empty thermometer
  4. Make A Wish List – Help your children learn how to prioritize their spending. Make a “wish list” or hang a picture of the item they’re saving for on the wall.
  5. Set A Good Example – Show off your good savings habits by saving money in your own piggy bank or by depositing money when they are with you. Explain that savings is important to you, too, and your children will mimic your behavior.
  6. Show Them How To Spend Responsibly – Your children may get so focused on saving their money that they won’t spend any! Show them how to enjoy their money by spending some – as well as saving some.



When Your Kids Have An EZKidz Account, Their Money Will Grow As Fast As They Do!

An EZKidz Account at Melrose Credit Union is the perfect way for your children to develop the lifelong habit of saving. Designed for children ages 6–12, EZKidz gives every child a Melrose “Kiddy Piggy Bank” when they open a Savings Account.* When the Kiddy Piggy is full, just bring the bank to Melrose CU, count their coins using the Melrose EZCoin Counter, then make a deposit into their account.

Now your kids can do what you do: make regular deposits and watch their money grow. They’ll have fun – and you can show them the power of regular saving!

*EZKidz Accounts may be Share or Share Certificate Accounts only. Checking, ATM and Debit Card Accounts are not permitted. A parent or legal guardian must own the account jointly with the child. The child account owner must have a valid Social Security number and some form of identification, such as a birth certificate or school ID.



Convenient Financial Services

Just For Busy People Like You!

Busy, busy, busy. That’s a word that describes most of us these days. In spite of our crazy schedules, it’s still important to keep track of finances. Melrose Credit Union has the perfect solution for busy people like you: EZMoneyOnline. It’s a secure virtual branch, open 24/7 and available to you anywhere, no matter where you are! Log on from your computer or smartphone and check balances, transfer funds and much, much more.

Being a Melrose Credit Union member offers other convenient services, too, including:

InfoLine – Perform transactions from the comfort of your home, car or office. All transactions are verified and confirmed instantly, so your balances will always be current. Once you activate your free InfoLine account, service begins immediately.

(718) 526-3888 in New York • (888) 635-2733 outside New York

E-Z Checking – Your alternative to the high checking fees and service charges at other financial institutions. And, you’ll earn dividends on average daily balances of $500 or more.

ATM Card – Withdraw money, verify balances and make account transfers.

VISA® Debit Card – The cash-back convenience of an ATM Card, with the purchasing power and worldwide access of a VISA card

E-Z Bill Pay – Set up a convenient payment schedule, then relax knowing your bills are paid on time.

Direct Deposit – The easiest, fastest and safest way to deposit your pay, Social Security or pension check into your Share Draft/Checking Account or Share Savings Account.

Time Is Money, So Sign Up Today!

Call (718) 658-9800, visit or stop by and visit the Melrose Financial Center to enroll in these services today.



Looking For A Way To Save On College Expenses?

Open A Melrose Credit Union Account!

College students are always on the go. And what do they do when they need money? They hit the closest ATM to withdraw funds. But did you know that surcharges and bank fees from out-of-network ATMs could be costing you hundreds of dollars each and every school year? Instead of wasting money on outrageous fees and surcharges, open a Melrose Credit Union account for your son or daughter. Not only will they get FREE Checking, but they’ll be able to make FREE withdrawals from any one of over 5,500 surcharge-free ATMS on the CO-OP Network,* as well as at FREE CU Service Centers. CU Service Centers function as a branch of the credit union and allow members to conducta variety of transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiries, transfers, check cashing and more.

A Melrose Credit Union account has some important advantages for you, too. Using EZMoneyOnline, you can manage their account from your computer or smartphone. And you can transfer money to your student’s account when they need it. It’s the perfect way to help your son or daughter develop financial independence.

Put your money to work for higher education, not bank fees. Visit us online at www. or call us at (718) 658-9800 today.

*To check for locations, visit



Our Big, Fat, Bloated Banks

(And Why Credit Unions Are Different!)

The economy hasn’t recovered the way everyone was hoping. Unemployment is still uncomfortably high, housing prices have not rebounded and economic tragedies seem to be an everyday occurrence.

One segment of the US business population, however, is making record profits in spite of the sluggish economy: Banks.

The Federal government has many ways that they directly or indirectly subsidize banks. On the surface, we may assume that it’s for our own protection – and in part, it is. For example, the federal government supervises bank activities and guarantees the security of customer deposits through the FDIC. That insurance offers a comfort level to consumers, guaranteeing that nothing will happen to the money they deposit.

On the other hand, banks are the first organizations to benefit by policies issued by the Federal Reserve. For example, when the Federal Reserve lowers short-term interest rates to stimulate the economy, banks are able to borrow money very cheaply, then turn around and lend it to consumers at significantly higher rates. You might be wondering why banks aren’t lending more money at today’s low rates? The answer is: they’re still holding a lot of assets (like foreclosed houses) that tie up their equity.

To add insult to injury, a recent ranking of the top 20 ranked cash positions on the Standard & Poor 500 showed banks in the top 3 positions. Collectively, they have amassed more than $1,052 BILLION in cash. Along with the other top cash stashers on the list, these companies don’t plan any major expansion or hiring efforts to help stimulate our sagging economy.

Why Credit Unions Are Different

Unlike banks with their layers of federal protection and outrageous executive paychecks, credit unions are member-owned. Our mission is to provide affordable credit and financial services to our members. As a local credit union, we are a partner with the communities we serve, and we care about their successes. The bottom line is: credit unions exist to serve their members. That translates to lower loan rates and higher interest rates for you!



Holiday Closings & Important Dates

Columbus Day
Monday, October 10, 2011

Veterans’ Day
Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011 and Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year’s
Saturday, December 31, 2011 and Monday, January 2, 2012



The Great Mortgage Modification Fiasco

As part of the Obama Administration’s stimulus program, the Home Affordable Modification Program – a $29 billion effort – was supposed to help people modify their current mortgages to more affordable rates and terms, thereby preventing mass foreclosure in the housing market. The program anticipated that approximately 3-4 million people would benefit by this program. To date, only slightly more than 630,000 borrowers have felt some relief.

For the most part, banks have been unwilling and/or unable to work with homeowners to modify their mortgages. And when they have offered their assistance, often people paid MORE than the original mortgage payments they were trying to modify.

Recently, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. delivered a consent order to the nation’s top 14 mortgage servicers. This document identifies significant weaknesses in their mortgage programs that resulted in millions of Americans being forced out of their homes and outlines “fixes” for mortgage servicers to enhance and improve their mortgage programs. Many of these documented deficiencies were in direct violation of local and state regulations or rules.

As Usual, The Consumer Pays The Price

As part of the “fix,” banks are expected to staff-up to help them comply with these new mandates. Who will ultimately pay for these increased costs? The homeowner, of course. And if banks fail to implement the required changes in procedure, they stand to lose out on incentive payments linked to successful mortgage modification. Once again, banks win, consumers lose.

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Be A Credit Union Member

At Melrose CU, we’re proud to be your partner in every financial transaction you conduct. Your success is our success. And unlike the banks who have failed to help millions of homeowners, we don’t profit by the financial distress of our members.



Business Services From Melrose Credit Union

Your Success Is Our Reward!

The #1 goal of our Business Services Department is to become a partner in your success. To help you make the most of your financial resources, we offer an array of affordable business products and services – delivered with the unparalleled personal service only a credit union can provide – that will grow along with your business.

Whether you need help expanding your current business or starting an exciting new venture, look to Melrose Credit Union Business Services for:

  • EZBusiness Share And Share Certificate Accounts
  • SBA Loans, Term Loans, Business Lines Of Credit
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • EZBusinessOnline
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Business Insurance
  • FREE Certified Financial Planning

Contact the Melrose Business Services Team at (718) 658-9800, ext. 1064 to learn how we can create a customized financial strategy for you.



Flood Damage: Are You Covered?

On the eastern coast of the United States, flooding occurs mainly during hurricane season, primarily from June through October. FEMA estimates that 75 percent of households located in federally-designated special flood hazard areas carry no flood insurance.

Frequently-Asked Questions About Flood Insurance:

Is my home insured for damage that may result from flooding caused by a hurricane or other storm?

Generally, coverage provided by a standard home or business policy does not cover flooding or mudslides. This type of damage can be extremely destructive to your property and devastating financially.

How can I get insurance coverage so I’m protected against flood damage from a natural disaster?

Contact our agency. We can help you determine if you need flood insurance. More than 20,000 communities participate in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Flood Insurance Program, which offers flood insurance. An NFIP policy typically includes coverage for: removing contents, sandbagging (to reduce damage), repairing flood damage and rebuilding, clearing away debris and mud and compensating for personal belongings and business inventories.

How much protection can I get?

You can obtain flood coverage up to $250,000 on your home, $100,000 on its contents and $500,000 for businesses.

Is flood insurance really necessary?

Lending institutions may require flood insurance as a condition of securing a mortgage, home improvement loan, home equity loan, commercial loan, etc. Flood insurance also is a prerequisite for receiving federal disaster assistance when property is located in a special hazard area.

Can I buy flood insurance at any time?

There is a 30-day waiting period between the time flood insurance is purchased and the time coverage is in force.

How can I prepare for a catastrophe such as flooding?

Heed storm warnings and follow evacuation procedures. Maintain a current household or business inventory of your property and possessions and keep it in a safe place. An up-to-date inventory will prove useful when filing your insurance claim.

Learn More

Call or visit the insurance experts at Member Brokerage Service, LLC (MBS, a Melrose Credit Union Service Organization). Contact them at (718) 523-1300. Don’t delay, do it today!!



Missing Some Money?

Money or property is typically listed as “abandoned” when the rightful owner moves and forgets to close an account or leaves no forwarding address. If there is no activity on the account for three years or longer, the money is considered unclaimed and is turned over to the state.

How To Claim Your Property

If your name appears on the list below, you have unclaimed property at Melrose Credit Union. Please contact us as soon as possible. Owners of unclaimed property are required to activate their accounts by sending us a written acknowledgement or by making a deposit or withdrawal. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Melrose Credit Union at (718) 658-9800.

Abdul, Yusif I
Abouellsaad Said, N
Abramov, Olga
Achille, Serge
Ahmed, Alauddin
Ahmed, Morshed
Ahmed, Waqar
Ahmed, Sarfraz
Akhtar, Masood
Akhtar , Waheed
Alam, Mohammad K
Alas-Qujada, Carlos A
Alexandris, Panayotis
Ali, Iqbal
Ali, Mohammed I
Ali, Shaikh H
Alwan, Hamid A
Amaya, Martir W
Andre, Marie Denise
Andrews, Tony
Anwar, Sohel
Anwar, Umar
Anwar, Mahrukh
Anwar, Waseem
Aquilino, Raymond A
Arapov, Igor
Arnold, Michelle M
Aronov, David
Aronov, Berta
Asfar, Thomas W
Ashraf, Syed Ali
Asif, Muhammad
Atariwa, Rabiou
Auguste, Jean
Aupont, Frederic
Avdoulos, Argyri
Aybinder, Semyon
Azizyan, Arthur M
Babadzhanov, Albert
Bailey, Michelle M
Baisi, Carol L
Bangiyev, Aleksander
Barau, Shishir
Baric, Nenad
Barrett, Sonia, L
Bartley, Norman E
Batalas, Pantelis
Batist, Boris
Beltran, Stephanie
Bepari, Mohammed S
Bergman, Michael E
Bernard, Anthonio
Bhalli, Manzoor A
Bhuiyan, Ashraful K
Blackford, Oneil G
Blanc, Nancy
Blanco, Cynthia M
Bogle, Shynika M
Bollers, Taryn-Ann
Bonny, Frank
Boylan, Barbarann
Braich, Baldev K
Bressack, Margaret E
Bristol, Arcene
Bristout, Louis P
Brown, Ralph H
Brown, Martin F
Brutus, Jean R
Bustamante, Leonard J
Byas, Ludovic G
Cabiness, Brionn J
Cabrera, Lizette
Cadesca, Regina
Cakir, Aydin
Cannon, Fannie
Capric, Tahir
Carbonell, Elena
Cardone, Manfred
Carone, Philip A
Cerrato, Louis J
Chacko, James T
Chan, Philip
Chand, Prem
Chang, Chi Wen
Charles, Nector
Charlitte, Jean P
Chaudhry, Sajjad J
Chaudry, Javaid A
Chauhan, Balvir
Cheung, Kwan Yui James
Choi, Michele
Choudhury, Hafiz ER
Chowdhury, Ainul Kabir
Clark, Joseph
Clarke, Natasha M
Cobbs, Rocky
Cohen, Robyn M
Cohen, Dena
Colabatistto, Cheryl M
Constantinescu, Constantin M
Constantinescu, Anton
Couamin, Faubert
Creedon,William J
Croitoru, Jimmy
Dahele, Nachhatar S
Damas, David W
Damico, Rino
Dann, David
Deangelo, Anthony
Debbas, Florine E
Desire, Rony
Deutsch, Robert Z
Di Marco-Evanko, Lori Anne
Dolciney, Pierre M
Dolly, Yvonne I
Dor, Antoine S
Dorce, Carine
Dorestant, Sandra
Dorros, Audrey
Dumorney, Roland

Dyches, Jeffrey
Ebede, Frederick
Ehrenberg, Jeffrey H
Ehrenreich, Chaim Z
Ehrenreich, Yitzchok Y
Ekladioss, Habib A
Eklhouly, Mohamed A
Engel, Irina
Etienne, Dumond
Express Checking Cash Corp
Fabien, Christian
Fall, Fara
Farmer, Hillary
Farrell, Danny M
Fazal, Pervez
Feehan, Barbara A
Feeney, James F
Feliciano, Felipe G
Fequiere, Andre
Fequiere, Claude
Fernandez, Cindy
Fernandez, Casimiro A
Fignole, Jean Ronel
Figueroa, Steven J
Fils-Aime, Jean E
Fleurant, Roseline
Fleurant, Philippeau
Fleury, Dorothy
Fliederbaum, Merrill
Fordyce, Royston
Foster, Suzanne G
Foster, Michael L
Franco, Omar A
Francois, Gregory
Francois, Viola
Fray, Royston D
Freyta, Edward
Friedberg-Citron, Lynn
Galante, Gabriella C
Garcia, Alberto
Garcia, Evelyn M
Gee, Eugene O
Gelchion, Maureen A
Ghani, Mohammad S
Ghelichkhani, Reza
Ghosh, Durga R
Ghouri, Rana
Gilbert, George
Girgis, Nader R
Glasgow, Jermine L
Godashi, Nina
Gordon, Norman J
Gottlieb, Helene
Gouda, Ekramy M
Green, Mark A
Greene, Quintilia, N
Guerrero, Maria D
Guez, Carmella
Gulzar, Adil
Gulzar, Atif
Gunasekaran, Jothi
Habib, Md M
Haddad, Francine
Hadjiyski, Valeriy P
Haque, Syed M
Haque, Syeda N
Hasan, Kazi H
Henry, Patricia A
Hernandez, Mario
Hodes, Paul N
Hoque, Mohammad S
Hossain, Md Anwar
Hossain, Shahidul
Hossain, Md Shahed S
Hossain Md M
Huerta, Jose O
Hussain, Muzaffar
Hussain, Asad
Hussain, Mohammed Iqbal
Hussain, Aftab
Hylton, Lorraine P
Ioannidis, Pavlos
Ionita, Stefan
Iqbal, Mohammad Ferdous
Iqbal, Mohammad
Irizarry Michael
Islam, Mohammed Aminul
Islam, Mohammed S
Islam, Mohammed
Issa, Mike H
Jacinthe, Jean
Jagos, Robert
Jaji, Farooq
Jamron, Bridie
Jano, Eugen
Jat, Zafar Iqbal
Jean-Louis, Serge
Jones, Nathaniel
Jones, Denise
Josef, Samuel
Josef, Frida
Joseph, Claude
Joseph, Mathilde
Kalendareva, Olga
Kante, Djime
Kappel, Hermann
Karabas, Metin
Karam, Chand
Karikari Apau,Nana Y
Kataria, Maninderpal
Katsapis, Ourania
Katz, Oscar
Kauffman, Lawrence F
Kaur, Kulwinder
Kaur, Lakhwinder
Kaur, Simranjit
Kaur, Manjeet
Kaziyeva, Deanna
Kazmierczak, Anna
Keane, Robert F
Keenan, Patrice M
Kempadoo, Hemmattie
Kewal, Nfn
Khawaja, Ahsan A
Khokhar, Khurram I
Kibria, Mohammad G
Kimhi, Yitshak
Kishore, Balram
Knight, Cinderetha
Knowles, Elizabeth E
Kohnken, Ava S
Kohnken, John D IV
Kostakis Maria
Koutrakos, Gregory John
Koslowski, Kazimierz
Kranenburg, Loretta
Krishnamurthy, Kannan
Ksirakis, George
Kumar, Naresh
Kumar, Arvind
Kurman, Marc
Landesman, Yakov
Lange, Jason A
Latortue,Jean R
Lee, Young J
Lefevre, Lourdes
Leggett, Clarence
Leveille, Jean B
Levine, Eric T
Levine, Michael M
Liburd-Mack, Sandra
Lindor, Michel J
Ling, Alvin
Lipsky, Debra B
Lipson, Jack A
Liu, Pam Bin Yu
Louissaint, Yvon
Louris, Dimitrios
Lucas, Brunet
Lyubarova, Marina
Ma, William
Macchio, Vincent
Madrid, Marilyn
Malepati, Poornachandra R
Mandel, Susan
Mani, Saroja
Maniscalco, Francesca B
Mantle, Asher
Markowitz, David M
Marrero, Marangelis
Matias, Frances A
Mavroidis, Evangelia
Mavroudis, Rita
McTaggart-Pierre, Lesley
Mccartney, Douglas A
Mcgrath, Colleen C
Mcnear, Alvin B
Megaly, Sammy N
Mehmood, Zafar
Melendez, Karen
Meltzer, Hilda
Mendez, Elizabeth
Mendez, Katherine
Mendez, Gloria
Metelus, Malherbe
Mian, Abdul Khaliq
Mitchell, Anthony G
Mittet, Ambrozina HL
Mittler Jordan J
Mollah, Mohammed A
Moncada-Marin Maria C
Morisset, Dormise
Morris, Adrian A
Mosko, Deborah A
Moslem, Hamid
Most, Joann N
Motilal, Bhim
Muckian, Gary V JR
Multani, Daljit
Multani, Upinder S
Multani, Angrez S
Munday, Jaswinder S
Murat, Jean M
Murray, Calvin A
Murshalin, Mohammed
Nachajski, Andrew
Nachber, Alexander
Naclerio, Lucille M
Nadeem, Mohammad J
Natad, Angelita J
Nation-Thomas, Rosalind
Nawaz, Mohammad
Nedash, Victor
Nenner, Bernard C
Nita, Ion
Noy, Simon
Nozart, Marie C
Nuruzzaman, Mohammad
O’Connell, Jillian K
Oconnor, Liam M
Ohman, Viktor
Oliuzzaman, Ali
Oppenheimer, Amadino S
Ordia, John
Orion, Marjorie
Ottley-Brown, Dara F
Owusu, Justice
Ozaki, Sharron J
Panjaur, Baljit S
Papas, Alex
Pares, James W
Parker, Betty J
Parmar, Balbir S
Parrish, Edmund A
Paterakis, Maria E
Patov, Roald
Paul, Rously
Peake, Dwight E
Peay, Kenneth R

Peltechki, Stojan T
Penhasov, Efraim
Pennilla, Henry
Pepitone, Gary R
Perez, Lori
Perumal, Raju
Philitas, Jean M
Phillips, Moses
Pickholz, Eric M
Pierre, Evens
Pierre, Caminta
Pierre-Louis, Eddy
Pineiro, Noemi
Plutnik, Shirina
Posluk, Ilhami
Pouncy, David Jr
Powis, Christopher J
Powles, Andrew D
Pun, Wai-Kei
Qazi, Wazir Ahmed
Quiceno, Nestor D
Racine, Ulrick
Radchenko, Konstantin
Radev, Zhivko L
Rahim, Ambia B
Rashty, Melinda L
Rios, Carlos
Rivera, Bertha
Robinson, Patricia P
Rodriquez, Martha J
Rodriguez, Cruz D
Rodriguez, Ivan M
Rojas, Otto B
Rojas Dejesus, Mariel A
Rolnick, Allan
Romero, Ignacio N
Rosenberg, Samuel
Rosillo, Carlos L
Rozsa, Joseph
Ryland, Jaseena N
Saha, Dipok Kumar
Salvador, AnitaN
Samedy, Sheila
Sancho, Sheridan N
Sarker, Bijan K
Sarker, Mohammad M
Sarwar, Ishaq
Sarwar, Raja G
Sarwar, Mohammed A W
Satnick, Lon J
Sayeduzzaman, Mirmahfuz A
Schein, Tal
Schoer, Susan
Schreiber, Fred
Schwartz, Andrew M
Sealy, Elizabeth H
Sfeir, Jean Y
Shami, Frank K
Shanin, Jeanne
Sheerin, Alannah L
Sheik, Mohammed B
Shin, Vincent
Shteynberg, Felix
Sigal, Joanne M
Silver, Steven
Sima, Florin A
Sinclair, Roxanne A
Sinfelt, Milos
Singh, Hardeep
Singh, Badal
Singh, Sukhminder
Singh, Gurpinder Pal
Singh, Narinder Jit
Singh, Nirmal
Singh, Jagtar
Singh, Manmohan
Singh, Jarnail
Singh, Hardeep
Singh, Surinder
Singh, Narinder
Singh, Gurpartap
Singh, Jaswinder
Singh, Jatinderpal
Singh, Sukhvinder
Singh, Gurbhajan
Singh, Avtar
Singh, Balwinder
Singh, Gurpreet
Singh, Satpal
Singh, Shavinder
Singh, Amarjeet
Singh, Sukhvir
Singh, Sardar Harpal
Singh, Hushiara
Singh, Kanwaljeet
Singh, Daljit
Singh, Harbhajan
Singh, Daljit
Singh, Sukhwinder
Skverchak, Ilya
Smirnoff, Zena
Smith, Violet G
Smith, Neville D
Sobhan, Mohammad G
Soe, Kyaw
Solaiman, Mohammed
Soliman, Christine
Sozkesen, Halil
Spencer, Michelle A
St Louis, Innocent
Stathakis, Irene
Statharos Steven M
Stefanescu, Liviu
Sterling, Marie C
Subianto, Anthony R
Sulaiman, Khemchan
Taiit, Angelina A
Thakur, Harish
Thaler, Lawrence B
Thomas, Mariamma M
Thomas, Vogly
Thomson, Paul C III
Tingir, Ilyas
Todorov,Vesselin D
Tomsky, Hope
Torres, Maria
Tran, Cliff T
Trim, Jeffrey A
Trotman, Lindley E
Tsang, Erika J
Tselogorodtsev, Denis K
Tsentner, Marya
Tsirkas, Fotoula
Tugetman, Michael
Ubhi, Jasminder Singh
Uddin, Sordar MH
Uddin,Golam M
Usman, Zahid
Vasquez, Carlos A
Vasquez, Jose R
Vassor, Keisha E
Vega, Sergio
Ventouratos, Iason
Vercosa Johny M
Vilchitski, Richard G
Villany, Edward
Vincent, Luc G
Vinitsky, Meer
Vishnyakova, Tamara
Vitti, Leo
Vohra, Sheikh R S
Voloshin, Zoriy
Waithe, Deighton S
Ward, Simone M
Weinstein, Philip
Weinstein, Brian P
Weir, Sharon
Welsh, Marilyn A
Wenig, Robert H
White, Michael A
Williams, Andre
Woods, Murden M
Woods, Alisha D
Wright, Kenneth
Wu, Jack Y
Wu, Yaozhen
Wu, Chingfa
Yucel, Sakir
Yuricic, Danny
Zahid, Abdul S
Zaman, Mohammed
Zannetti, Christopher
Zhang, Ming
Zhang, Xue Xiong
Zheng Bing Qing
Zheng, Qin
Zhou, Lin



FREE Financial Planning Services

No matter where life takes you, Melrose Credit Union can help you plan for your future. Consult our financial expert for free, intelligent advice regarding the following important topics:

  • Financial Security
  • College Financing
  • Life Insurance
  • Budget
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Investments
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Social Security Payments
  • Estate Planning
  • Long-Term Healthcare
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Income Tax Review/ Planning

Our expert, Mr. Ed Huttick, CFP, will be happy to help you evaluate your financial needs and craft a better financial plan for your future. Stop by or call
(718) 523-1300 to learn more.


Please Be Advised

Due to a Federal regulatory change, the first $200 (rather than $100) of a check deposit will be available on the next business day after the day of deposit.

ATM/Shared Branch