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Connections - Summer 2013

ss113770867Tips To Keep Your Money Safe This Summer

Summer means traveling and time off, and being outside. Along with the fun, remember to take a few extra precautions to keep your accounts safe.

  1. Direct Deposit – Set up payments to go through direct deposit; this eliminates checks being lost or left unattended in a mailbox. With a Melrose CU ATM or Debit Card you will always have convenient access to your money.
  2. ATM Access – Ensure the ATMs you choose are well-lit at night, and you’re comfortable with your surroundings. Melrose CU is part of the CO-OP Network with over 5,500 machines nationwide.
  3. Avoid Carrying Cash – Use your Melrose CU VISA® Debit Card when traveling. Be sure to notify the credit union that you are taking a trip.
  4. Stop The Mail – If you plan to be gone for an extended period, stop your mail temporarily.
  5. Mobile Banking Options – Sign up for EZMoneyOnline, and access your accounts 24/7 from any computer or smart device.
  6. Change Passwords Frequently – An often forgotten security measure – remember to change your password information frequently. Try using more difficult alphanumeric combinations. And, don’t save passwords on a mobile device or laptop.


ss41669905Make Saving Fun For Your Kids

With An EZKidz Account

Summer is the perfect time to encourage your children to open and use a Melrose EZKidz account.* The program is open to members ages 6 to 12. Upon enrollment, each child receives a Melrose Credit Union “Kiddy Piggy Bank.” They will have fun depositing extra change into their bank, and coming back to the credit union to use the EZCoin Counter. Learning to save also gives children a sense of independence, which follows them into adulthood.

*EZKidz Accounts may be Share or Share Certificate Accounts only. Checking, ATM and VISA® Debit Card Accounts are not permitted. A parent or legal guardian must own the account jointly with the child. The child account owner must have a valid Social Security number and some form of identification, such as birth certificate or school ID.


91st Annual Shareholders Meeting

On March 17, 2013, members of Melrose Credit Union met for the 91st Annual Shareholders Meeting. The meeting was attended by nearly 1,000 members. Members enjoyed the atmosphere and camaraderie. New technology along with audio visual aids enhanced the presentations. Our guest speaker was NYC Council Member James Vacca.

Next year’s meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 30, 2014.


Social Media Keeps Us Engaged. It Makes Connecting Easy. But Are You Vulnerable?

Take this quiz to see how much of your personal information is at risk for over–exposure in the public domain. It’s wise to take steps to protect your data – even if you presume your favorite social site, and material you share, is safe.

  • Do you have a public profile that is visible?
  • Is your birthday available and shared?
  • Is the name of your high school available and posted?
  • Do you share your pet’s name?
  • Do you share your phone number or personal email address?
  • Do you have a social networking account with one or more of the following providers: Google, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook?
  • Do you use a smartphone to share or discuss any of this information?

If you answered yes to just one question, it’s a good idea to review your social media practices; and remove personal information that could be used to tamper with your identity.

Remember, how you interact with social media sites can impact your personal security.


Summer Access

Melrose Credit Union members have access to over 5,500 surcharge–free ATMs and CU Service Centers nationwide. Just look for the CO–OP Network or CUSC logo.




Refinance Your Current Mortgage And Save

With interest rates still at an all time low, there is still time to refinance your current mortgage and save money each month. Melrose offers very competitive Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgages, as well as Jumbo Mortgages with terms up to 30 years. We have a mortgage solution for everyone, regardless of credit history. Contact us today and keep more of your money.

Source: Credit Union National Association, Home & Family Finance® Resource Center


allergyBeautiful Weather Also Means Allergy Season!

Along with the warmer weather, as many as 40 million individuals will experience allergies this spring. Pollen is the number one trigger for allergies, with trees being the first to pollenate followed by grass and weeds. Numerous other factors affect the presence of pollen: geography, location, time of day and even weather. Symptoms include red, watery, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, post–nasal drip, headaches and, at times, irritability and fatigue.

You Can Find Relief

Staying inside an air–conditioned room alleviates exposure, while using HEPA–type air purifiers can reduce actual allergens. Taking prescribed decongestants or antihistamines, and avoiding irritants like smoke and pollution, can also provide relief.

Avoid Allergies Altogether

  • Stay indoors when the pollen count is high.
  • Close windows at home and in the car.
  • If you have outdoor pets, wipe them off (including paws) each time they come inside.
  • Keep pets out of the bedroom.
  • Use air conditioners and clean filters often.
  • Stay on track with your allergy shots.
  • Follow your doctor’s regimen concerning medicine and preventive measures.

Source: Brian E. Novick, M.D.


couplecloudMove or Remodel: What's Best For You?


Home sweet home: Is it beginning to feel a bit outdated or cramped? Is the kitchen or bath in need of a major facelift? The dilemma becomes whether to move or remodel.

What’s The Total Cost?

First, compare the cost of moving versus remodeling. Include in your calculations the costs for refurbishing your current home to sell.

If buying a new home, consider closing costs, sales commissions, moving and remodeling expenses and the cost to furnish a new place. Although it can vary, experts say that moving costs can reach 15% of the sale price of your new home.

Also be careful not to end up with two mortgages – a common situation if you buy a new home but are unable to sell your current home.

If a fast recovery of your investment is important, you may wish to re–think a remodeling project. Further variables come into play here too, like the neighborhood you live in and housing values. If your home is in a more expensive neighborhood, it can be easier to sell and recoup your investment (of the remodel). The opposite is true if you’re already nearing the neighborhood’s price ceiling.


Whatever is best for you, try to strike the balance between emotional factors and clear financial data. Melrose provides online financial calculators to help you compare the costs. Also, fully understand needs versus wants and the cost implications of each.

Most remodels should boost your home’s value, but you may need to wait several years to sell if you want to recover the money.


Missing Some Money?

How To Claim Your Property

If your name appears on the list below, you have unclaimed property at Melrose Credit Union. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Owners of unclaimed property are required to activate their accounts by sending us a written acknowledgement or by making a deposit or withdrawal. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Melrose Credit Union at (718) 658–9800.

Money or property is typically listed as “abandoned” when the rightful owner moves and forgets to close an account or leaves no forwarding address. If there is no activity on the account for three years or longer, the money is considered unclaimed and is turned over to the state.

Abdellatif Ahmed
Adams-Benson Alana
Adlerstein Hyman
Agrippina Anthony
Ahmed Sabji
Akhtar Shahnaz
Alauddin Dewan
Alba Ramona
Alvarado Cecilia
Aly Hens
Apolonides Dimitrios
Atis Christian
Atis Kenny
Atkinson Wilbert
Augustin Jean-Baptiste
Awan Khursheed
Bander-Michalowicz Laura
Baptiste Eroll
Barr Lanscott
Bashir Amir
Benson James
Bouchekouk Ali
Bouldoukian Alice
Brar Nachhatar
Bravo Manuel
Brown Edward
Bucknor Oliver
Cardoza Paul
Carey Brian
Cassella Mary
Celius Joseph
Chaves Luis
Choudhury Ashif
Churaman Nandani
Cipollone Teresa
Codreanu Christian
Costa John
Costea Costea
Cupak Jaron
Damus Nancyann
Daniels Rodlyn
De Rose R James
Denizard Kerline
Derival Yvrose
Dhaliwal Harbans
Djanie Christian
Douglin Andrea
Douyon-Remy Regine
Downer Michael
Downes Carolyn
Dragonetti Christina
Eckhaus Robyn
Elnick Sheila
Encalada Jaime
Ericson Richard
Farid Mamdouh
Feld Jan
Filiandros Irini
Fischer Karen
Frazier Marianne
Friner Bernard
Galligan Peter
Garnar Gail
Genfan Alexander
George Santhamma
George Deneen
Gil Henry
Gindin Mark
Godoy Kennard
Goins-Castro Susan
Goldstein Joseph
Green Tamika
Gregory Stanley
Grewal Jamar
Grey Richard
Guerrier Michel
Guillaume Marc
Gul Rohani
Gull Zubair
Gumbs Alfred
Gurm Talvinder
Gutierrez Juan
Guzey Fahriye
Haggerty John
Hassan Sheik
Haynes Lillian
He Jeff
Hernandez Eva
Hidalgo Fernando
Hirschfeld Kenny
Hossain Mohammad
Houanche Limane
Hurley Linda
Hussey Joseph
Islam Kazi
Isme Jean
Jagdeo Parkash
Javaid Mohammad
Jean-Philippe Jean
Jiang Dian
Johnson Mark
Johnson Nicole
Jonka Glenda
Kacprzak Jan
Karayiannis Odysseas
Kass Monica
Kass Edward
Kestenberg Steven
Khalique Abul
Khalsa Kaka
Kim Vicki
Kuttikan Geetha
Lady Coley Cab Corp
Lal Chaman
Laskar Sujat
Latouche Aimont
Lawler Melissa
Lee Myung
Lee Gumsang
Levit Harry
Liccese Michael
Limage Ralph
Lin Huiying

Lopez Nelson
Lounds Doreen
Lowe Louis
Ma Danny
Macias Jenny
Madathil Ann
Mahmood Arshad
Maignan Joseph
Malaric Roman
Manaa Mohamed
Mansour Abdelazim
Mansour Mohamed
March Denise
Markman Sandra
Martinez Dana
Martinez David
Massimillo Keith
Mc Mahon Delia
Meletiadis Ted
Melissakis Maria
Mikaelian Aram
Miller Richard
Millington Earl
Mohamed Ayman
Morano John
Motaleb Mohammad
Munir Tariq
Nektalov Narik
Nelson Jean
Nicholson Giovanni
Nwaghanata Adolphus
Ocampo Julie
Orkin Lorraine
Ourman David
Pacheco Jorge
Pae Young
Papadatos Platon
Paulino Josetty
Payares Yadile
Pierre Herald
Pierre-Louis Roodler
Pishchiker Leonid
Planken April
Pollakis Keriaki
Powell Charles
Presworsky Yonah
Qureshi Sajid
Rahimy Mohammad
Rahman Shamsur
Rahman Mohammed
Rainford Michael
Rajwinder Nfn
Ratin Gennady
Razzo Natalia
Reid Michelle
Reina-Nieves Manuel
Remy Frantz
Rinella Ilisha
Rios-Baez Jorge
Rosenberg Amy
Rosenholtz Harvey
Rothschild Elyse
Safier Jacob
Sah Jin
Santiago Salvador
Schatzberg Gary
Sevaire Arago
Sinder Michael
Singh Gurpiar
Singh Rana
Singh Gurjinder
Singh Amarjit
Singh Darbara
Singh Gurmit
Singh Sarabjit
Singh Balwinder
Singh Prem
Singh Jaswinder
Singh Prabhjot
Singh Davinder
Smith Maryanne
Smith Kisha
Sozkesen Seniha
Speranza Anthony
Statharos Dorothy
Stein Victoria
Stern Ari
Stewart Spencer Sharon
Stilson Ada
Stogianos Angeliki
Suleymanova Medine
Suquisupa Krissy
Sur Abraham
Tamam Clarissa
Thiong Georges
Topal Ismail
Toussaint Castro
Turovsky Alexander
Urena Maximo
Uzochukwu Christian
Vassor Lance
Velovic Mehmet
Vontas Peter
Wall Stephen
Wasembeck Marie
Wasserman Alice
Wedderburn Marjorie
Whitfield Cynthia
Whitney Christopher
William Raymonde
Wittick Henry
Wright Seth
Wu Shiming
Wyetzner Brenda
Wynn Kaleeif
Yakubov Yaffa
Yamchow Chiwen
Yasar Muhammad
Zadran Zaheer
Zamajtys Malgorzata
Zelenko Larisa


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We invite all members to send us your service experiences at Melrose Credit Union.

Please note that letters may be edited or summarized.



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Why Suffer A Loss, When Renter’s Insurance Is So Affordable

Yes, you need renter’s insurance.

You may think you don’t need or can’t afford it, but you’re wrong on both accounts.

Homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, health insurance – for most Americans, these policies are no–brainers, and renter’s insurance should be, too.

But according to a recent survey, 60% of renters do not have a renter’s insurance policy. Younger renters were even less likely to be covered, with 72% under the age of 25 without a policy.

Even though the 65 and older set were most likely to have insurance (51%), that number isn’t as high as you’d expect for a population that’s accumulated a lifetime of assets. More troubling yet are the reasons people have for not purchasing renter’s insurance.

Here are some of the common misconceptions of the often ignored – and often misunderstood – life saver that is renter’s insurance:


‘I can’t afford it.’

More than half (60%) of the renters without a policy reported that they didn’t think they could afford renter’s insurance before moving in.

Prices vary depending on the level of coverage, but according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average cost of a renter’s insurance policy is about $15 per month; that’s certainly less than the day–to–day expenditures a number of people pay for that they don’t need.

The average monthly renter’s insurance policy is:

  • Less than the approximately $80 per month that 50% of American workers spend on coffee, according to a 2012 study by Accounting Principals.
  • Less than the approximately $148 per month two–thirds of American workers spend on buying their lunch instead of packing one and bringing it to work, according to Accounting Principals.
  • Equivalent to the cost of two movie tickets per month, at the national average of $7.96 per ticket, according to data from the National Association of Theatre Owners.

At Melrose Credit Union, we know life is full of risks. Our experienced Member Brokerage representatives can help protect you from many of life’s hazards and save you money in the process.

For more information and expert assistance with all your insurance needs, call an MBS representative at (718) 523–1300 or stop by our office. We are located on the 3rd floor of the Melrose Credit Union. MBS is a member of the Professional Insurance Agents Association.

Post by Niccole Schreck from partner site U.S. News & World Report®



Theme Park Fun For Less!

We offer big savings on theme park admission tickets for added fun this summer. You can purchase admission tickets at a substantial discount to Great Adventure® and Hurricane Harbor®. Call us for details or stop by to make your purchase.




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