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Connections - Summer 2015


Use The Equity In Your Home For Home Repairs And More

helocA low-cost home equity line of credit from Melrose Credit Union can help you save on home repairs, renovations and other home  improvements. It can also give you needed cash for summer vacations, college tuition or even medical bills.

With our Variable Rate HELOC, you can borrow against your home's accumulated equity without disturbing your savings or other investments, helping you afford the things you want in life. Plus, the line of credit replenishes as you pay it off, giving you more ways to fund your projects.

If you have equity in your home and are planning on fairly expensive or ongoing projects, the best loans will probably be tied to your property. HELOCs can offer some of the best rates for your borrowing needs, according to Also, you might be able to deduct the interest on these loans and any points you pay to reduce the interest rate on your taxes (check with your tax  advisor).

Talk to one of our loan specialists about a Home Equity Line of Credit to pay for the above mentioned expenses and more. Call (718) 658-9800 for more information.



Melrose Mortgages Save You Cash

A mortgage loan from Melrose Credit Union beats the banks. Since 1922, Melrose Credit Union has been offering members some of the lowest loan rates in the region. We know the New York market better and can help get you into a loan that fits your budget and your property needs, offering great rates, low-to-no fees and multiple mortgage options so you save more on your biggest purchase.

The process starts with our E-Z Mortgage Center at Search current rates, use the mortgage calculators to help find your ideal number, comb our FAQ library to answer your questions and start the application process.

Melrose offers mortgage options to fit every potential home buyer, including:

  • Fixed rate mortgages
  • Co-Op & Condo Purchase Programs
  • Commercial Mortgages

Jumbo And Investment Property Mortgages Available

Melrose is able to provide over $1M in real estate financing through jumbo loans, which some buyers need to purchase their New York dream homes. Financing for 1-4-family residential investment properties is also available.

Apply Today!

Call (718) 658-9800, Option 3 to get started, or visit the E-Z Mortgage Center at and fill out an application today.


CO-OP Shared Branches And ATMs Add Convenience

atmWhen you’re on the go, on vacation or traveling for business, having access to your funds is important. Thankfully, the CO-OP Network of shared branches and surchargefree ATMs means you’re never far from your credit union. With the CO-OP Network, you can go to any of the 5,500 participating branches throughout the country like it’s your own credit union branch. Make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, account inquiries and other transactions as you would at Melrose CU.

The CO-OP Network also lets you use over 30,000 ATMs in the U.S. and internationally surcharge-free.

To locate the closest CO-OP branch or ATM visit the ATM Locator at



Scholarship Awards

scholarshipPictured are the winners of the 8th Annual Melrose/ESPNNY MVP Scholar Athlete scholarships, taken at the awards dinner held in April. These finalists were nominated by peers, friends, family, coaches, teachers and athletic directors for their excellence on the field of play, in the classroom and in the community. The finalists represent the best and the brightest from over 100 nominees. Presenting the scholarships are Alan Kaufman, CEO, (left), and Robert Nemeroff, Director of Marketing/Public Affairs, (right).



US And New York State Credit Union Statistics*


*Data accurate as of December 2014. Statistics supplied by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA)
Economics & Statistics Department.




Say Hey to “Taxi Dave”

David Pollack, (or Taxi Dave, as he is affectionately and professionally known), is the Director of MTAC (Melrose Taxi Action Center). His primary responsibility is to assist members with all Taxi and Limousine Commission related issues.

David has many years of experience in both the taxi and credit union industries. His connection to the taxi world through LOMTO (League of Mutual Taxi Owners) led David into the world of taxi advocacy, fighting on behalf of drivers, owners and lenders. He and his father helped operate and grow the LOMTO FCU. Taxi Dave is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of the “Taxi Insider” newspaper, and the host of the Melrose sponsored radio show “Taxi Insider," which is broadcast every Sunday at 8 p.m. on WOR 710 (

Mr. Pollack monitors the pulse of the NYC taxi industry by communicating with members, maintaining contacts and relationships w/NYC and TLC decision makers, staying abreast of proposed taxi regulations, continuing the credit union's relationship w/taxi industry movers and shakers and reporting on anything that affects drivers/Medallion owners. We encourage members to tap into Taxi Dave’s vast database of knowledge and advice. David can be reached at ext 1080.



Melrose Has Unclaimed Money!

Could It Be Yours?

If your name appears on the list below, you have unclaimed property at Melrose Credit Union. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Owners of unclaimed property are required to activate their accounts by sending us a written acknowledgement or by making a deposit or withdrawal. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Melrose Credit Union at (718) 658-9800.

Money or property is typically listed as “abandoned” when the rightful owner moves and forgets to close an account or leaves no forwarding address. If there is no activity on the account for three years or longer, the money is considered unclaimed and is turned over to the state. So contact us now before it's too late.


Abadinsky Scott K
Abdalla Eid A
Abdelfatah Mohamed H
Abdul Yusif I
Abrams Jeremy R
Abrams Nancy
Addo Victor A
Adler Lorraine
Agrawala Rajiv K
Agyei Stephen A
Agyekum Kofi
Ahmed Altaf H
Ahmed Ashfaq
Ahmed Zakir
Aklu Seorani G
Akselrod Stanley
Alcindor Parny
Ali Imran
Allosha Taxi Inc
Almodovar Ismael SR
Altincatal Krikor
Alwan Hamid A
Amoros Reneida
Andaraws El-Erian
Andersen Wesley P
Anderson Marlon R
Angelopoulos Konstantine S
Anjum Ghulam Baqar
Anthony C Iacobucci Trust
Anyanwu Benjamin I
Aram H Tellalian I I I Trust
Areh Magdalene O
Argyris Vasiliki
Aronov Tamara
Arroyo Maria
Arsoy Semih
Arya Ajay K
Asan Dana
Asghar Salman
Ashraf Mohammad
Ashraf Nadeem
Association Of Bell Tel Retirees Inc
Autrey Avis J
Avila-Ortiz Carmen X
Badalamenti Elaine
Badalamenti Vincent A
Baig Irfan Bari
Baillie Terry-Ann
Bains Sukhwinder Singh
Bains Balvinder
Bakatsias Christos
Bal Charanjit Singh
Ballo Baba
Bander Jonathan S
Bangiyeva Asya
Barahona Cesar I
Baratta John H
Barkas Dimitrios
Barthelemy Bernier
Barua Shovan
Bassen Todd
Bazelais-Warren Barbara
Begum Sharina
Belt Kyron L
Bennett Lawrence A
Berlianshik Michael
Bernstein Margarita
Bettarel Robin Lisa
Bhalodia Sumit
Bhangu Amandeep S
Bhatti Chaudary Fa
Bhatti Muhammad J
Bilger Sharon J
Bilzin Andrew Harris
Bolioli Alvaro F
Bonderefsky Annabelle
Bonnet Jean E
Bonnie S Harmon Trust
Boodram Dipnarine
Borko Igor
Brandon Lisa C
Breban Gloria E
Brijnath Ganacenath
Brna Theodore G JR
Brodsky Christine
Broman Robert D
Brown Fred JR
Brown Beulah P
Brown Robert S
Brown Delon L
Burd Inna
Burnett-Schatzberg Jean K
Burshtein Hellen
Bussell Lawrence D
Buxbaum William
Campos Esna C
Canarick Steven R
Candelaria Nicole M
Carreno Luz Myriam
Carson Scott M
Castillo Erick
Castillo Henry
Castle Richard N
Cavalli Jeffrey P
Cayot Albert W JR
Ceceri Robert J
Chandler Terrie E
Chariton Lawrence D
Charles Shawn
Charlitte Jean P
Chaudhry Sajjad J
Cheema Naeem A
Cheema Zia U
Cheung Shui P
Cheung Kai Yuen
Chin Andre R
Choudhry Chander M
Chow Eddie
Chowdhury Mohibul A
Christie John M
Cinelli Roberto P
Cintron Jennie
Cobos Johnny
Cochrane Edward J
Cohen Bernard
Cohen Dena
Cohen Jeffrey J
Coleman Roselynn
Colon Margarita
Conrad Andrew A
Corrado Vincent
Cowan Cherrie
Cuevas Samuel S
Cuneo Barbara
Curatolo Teresa
Daddio John V
Dahele Nachhatar S
Daley Carolyn G
Daly Thomas E
Dann David
Dannen Daniel A
Darcy Debra A
Davids Edward J
Davilus Vercanne
Davis Pamela S
De Basantes Alexandra E Mantuano
De Jesus Daniel
De Maria Elayne
Defour Lucius M
Delani Hartung Trust
Demeter Stephen D
Demirdjian John K
Dery Carol A
Dhanoa Pavittar S
Dhillon Chamkaur S
Dietzel Carol L
Dolcine Charles
Donzo Aboubacar
Dorce Dieucius
Dorielan Christiane M
Dorielan Calvin O
Dorival Jaques
Dorvilus Jean Jackson
Downes Jeanne M
Duarte Douglas J
Duff Richard J
Durango Luis E
Duroseau James T
Durst Janet Mayr
E-Central Credit Union
Egan David G
Ehrenberg Stuart
Ekladioss Habib A
Elbialy Hesham M
Elie Yolette
Elrod Hoyt E II
Epstein Marilyn
Espinal Tommy
Evelyn T Wall Trust
Ezagui Lenora A

Falabella Anthony J
Farooq Muhammad
Farooqi Izhar A
Faruque Hasan M
Feingold Harvey I
Ferber David S
Fernandez Cindy
Fidan Kenan
Finnegan Ryan K
Fishman Andrew D
Fishman Elliot J
Fishman Joshua C
Fontaine Fritz A
Forbes Masie V
Forbes Timitra L
Fordjour Frank
Francis Antoine
Francis Randolph A
Francis Evelyn E
Franklin Olivia V
Gabriele Frank
Galan Ricardo
Gantier Monique
Gantier Jean C
Garcia Lucas R
Garcia Jerrilyn
Gardiner Kathleen J
Garzon-Ruiz Jose G
Gebert Cheryl A
Gekker Liliya
Gekker Yevgeniy
George Abdele F
George-Alexander Ann
Geracht Jennifer C
Gerima Veronica
Ghaffar Abdul
Ghanem Hanan M
Giglio Angiolino
Gilhooly Michael J
Gill Bara Singh
Giroux Family Living Trust
Gitelson Helen M
Gitlin Rori
Glaude Elie
Glikin Sonia
Glodstein David N
Goldstein Jonathan L
Gonzalez William A
Goodman Jay Steven
Gorelik Oksana
Grajower Morris N
Greene Quintilia N
Grisales Carlos A
Grunes Jeffrey B
Guerrier Martine E
Guzman Daniel
Haider Karimul
Hanna Shafik A
Hasoulas Stefanos
Hecht Ivan
Henry Roberto E
Herrera Alex A
Hettena Morris
Himmelstein Jay G
Hirsch Leslie J
Hodge Patrick J
Holinda John
Hossain Mohammed A
Houle Melanie E
Hussain Khalid
Hussain Jahangir
Hussain Aktar
Hutchison Dawn M
Hwang Myung Won
Iacobucci Anthony C
Ibrahim Feroze B
Iftikhar Kamran
Ionita Petre
Irizarry Michael
Irizarry Rafael JR
Ishige Heisaburo
Islam Mohammed A
Islam Md F
Jackson Gregg A
Jackson Allyson E
Jackson Ave Trans Inc
Jacqueline A Iacobucci Trust
Jaikaran Milagros
Jamaica National Overseas (Usa) Inc
Janetos Demetria
Jarani Merita
Javid Mohammad A
Javier Dulce S
Jeng Babucarr
Jennes Gail A
Jennings Amanda J
Jimenez Alberto
Jimenez Leonel L
Johnson Henry R
Johnson Sean A
Jones Imani T
Jones Patricia
Joseph Ted B
Joseph Eddy
Joseph Claire M
Joseph Davidson
Joseph Mathilde
Kadoche Jacob
Kahn Sami
Kaminoff Leo
Kanaan Maged
Karabas Ilhan
Karakash Karine
Karam Chand
Karuvannur Shyamala
Kasdon Robert L
Katsman Igor
Katsman Yelena
Kaur Paramjeet
Kaur Amarjeet
Kaur Saninder
Kaur Manpreet
Kaur Shivinder B
Kaur Jojinder P
Kaur Surjit
Kaur Rajinder P
Kaur Amarjit
Kaye Howard A
Kazimi Ahmad N
Kaziyeva Deanna
Kenon Anthony L
Kerr Joseph E
Kesten Jean
Kestenbaum Mary
Khan Jewel
Khan Inam
Khawaja Hafeez Ahmed
Khawaja Naeemullah
Khosla Rajiv
King Cheryl
Kishore Balram
Klausner Robert A
Klotz Adam M
Kofi Owusu-Mainoo
Kokkinakis Anastasios
Kokkinakis Stella A
Krell Raymond
Krimsky Shelly
Kumar Kishor
Kumari Parveen
Lachapelle Michelle
Ladyzhensky Vitaly
Lam Jeffrey
Lammey Glenn
Landry Constance M
Lang Mildred M
Lapinski Paige I
Lapinski Lauren B
Latif Qazi M
Latora Robert
Laventure Alliantin Jean
Leavitt Samson
Lee Eugene
Leon Fritzner
Leonzo-Basantes Silvia P
Levine Adam B
Levine Ray
Levy Vivian
Levy-Laird Stefanie Dawn
Lewis John K
Lewis Sulanch
Lewis Lifa L
Lichtman Randy H
Lieblich Jonathan A
Limage Jean D
Lin Shisheng
Lin Cheng Lian
Lindor Michel J
Linit Marc J
Liotta Gary P
Lipson Jack A

Litchfield Frances
Lockhart Joye Y
Luchian Astrid
Lue Catherine L
Luengas Herbert
Luther William T JR
Lyman Fred
Magee Elinor A
Mahmood Shahid
Maignan Nancy L
Malik Waqar A
Mallen Samuel I
Margulis Ruth L
Martin Gerald L
Mason Stanley
Mason John P
Mason Sharon M
Mathias Shirley A
Matthews Smone
Mavreas Sofia
Mayer Erica E
Mccartney Douglas A
Mecca Joseph
Mehar Dilbagh
Mekonnen Tsadu
Mekonnen Abynesh
Melikian Richard
Mercado Damaris
Merman Jeri B
Mertulien Marc D
Mervius Oswald P
Mian Abdul Khaliq
Mirando Peter M
Mohebzada Zabiullah
Monds Elena M
Montana Humberto
Moore Mark L
Morales Gladys M
Moran Vincent M
Moreau Frederick R
Morino Wilfrid
Morinvil Clerveaux
Morse Peter
Moussavian Madjid
Moy William
Muchnik Sara
Mueller Kathleen M
Munoz Andrea J
Munoz William D
Nabatov Arkady
Nagaeva Emmilia Y
Naqvi Asad A
Narjis Syeda Kaniz
Nastally Paul Allen
Natovich Meyer
Nemeth Dana N
Nemorin Darnelle S
Neukrug Denise R
Newman Tammy S
Nezin Casey G
Nielsen Thomas C
Nikolakakos Georgios
Njenjulovic Bosiljka
Nkr Laundry 2 Inc
Norzius Edner
Odessky Lyudmila
Olive Maria F
Olsson Christer
Omar Gamal K
Oppenheim Richard M
Ordonez Claudio P
Ordonez Christopher
Overton Thomas L
Ozaki Sharron J
Ozcelik Alexandra
Pagoulatos Tommy
Pal Amandeep
Palumbo Ricky J
Palumbo Maryann
Panzer Bernard
Papayev Farman
Park Ki Hyun
Park Chang S
Parkway Condo Llc
Parrish Steven J
Parveen Niaz
Paskett Bruce L
Patel Hiralel
Patel Chetan
Patel Govindbhai K
Pattison-Martin Patricia
Paul Boaz S
Paul Hafeez A
Paul Sadoc
Perez Benhur P
Perez Luis A
Perez Nicolas
Perper Barry M
Persaud Ghanwattie
Petit-Fond Jean G
Petrone Lucy
Phelan Wallace D
Philippakos Stavroula G
Phipps Lateisha A
Phyllis Tiktin Revocable Trust
Pierre Louis E
Pierre Marc A
Pierre Carol
Pingitore Robert A
Plua Alejandro Y
Pogrebinsky Pavel
Polishchuk Yelena
Porchetta Joseph
Posner Michael B
Posner Enid M
Posso Diego F
Prashad Finey
Price Marvin
Price Todd W
Prince Tyrone
Proctor Teruko K
Prude William T
Przezdziecka Barbara
Pulgarin Cesar J
Pyram Joseph A
Qayyum Muhammad
Rafati Obaidullah
Rainey Janice F
Raj Tilak
Ramasray Lookrani
Ramirez-Simon Nisselot
Ramkirpal Bhagmattie
Ramos Dalila G
Ramsarran Rockesh
Rasoul Abdul Hamid
Raymond Pierre H
Rebaza Eddy R
Reid Everett P
Reilly Christina M
Reis Claudia G
Revell Carrie
Reyhanoglu Haldun
Reynolds Charles R JR
Rich Harvey E
Rinchere Claude
Rinehart Harry I
Rivera Elva
Rivera Hipolito
Robinson Chantal P
Rodriguez Martha J
Rodriguez Sandra C
Rodriguez Fanny
Rosen Donald C
Rosen Wendi J
Rosen Mark A
Rosen Larry J
Rosen Pauline
Rosenberg Jessica D
Rossacci David A
Rubinov Malkiel
Rubio Jose D
Ruchman Jonathan L
Ruchman Dawn M
Rupnow-Bittner Wendy
Saint Hilaire Willy
Saleem Khalid
Salgado Francia M
Sanchez Martha L
Sandhu Jaspal S
Sandoval Michael
Santos Ruben D
Savill-Krimsky Marie I
Schaffer Shalva M
Schneider John F
Schoer Susan
Schreiber Herman
Schwartz Yan
Sealy Elizabeth H
Sen Liton Chandra
Shah Mirwias K
Shaikh Wazir A
Shamuilov Valeriy

Shanks Kenneth R
Shapiro Lenore
Shapiro Keith M
Shark Yolanda L
Sharma Rakesh
Sharma Pushker R
Shaye Babak Bobby
Shelby Michele S
Shiroma Halfred T
Shoken Brian
Shore Mechelle
Shtayner Semyon
Shuheb Abu
Shum Stephanie
Sidhu Sudhir
Sierra Ginger
Silver Steven
Silver Brad
Simon David
Silverman Steven
Sinchegarcia Xavier S
Sindell Ronald
Singh Lakhvinder
Singh Baldev
Singh Darshan
Singh Charan
Singh Satvinder
Singh Jaspal
Singh Gurmeet
Singh Biker
Singh Surjit
Singh Manmohan
Singh Balkar
Singh Kewal
Singh Surinder
Singh Bahadur
Singh Sukhdev
Singh Sohan
Singh Ujjagar
Singh Daljit
Singh Jaswinder
Singh Harpreet
Singh Jaswinder
Singh Manjit
Singh Sukhwinder
Singh Sandeep
Singh Satwinder
Singh Harjinder
Singh Mukhtar
Singh Harsimranjit
Singh Gurjit
Singh Ravin
Singh Jaspal
Singh Manjinder
Singh Gurvinder
Singh Ravinder
Singh Surinder
Singh Narinder
Singh Seopaul
Singh Gurpreet
Singh Tarsem
Singh Balwinder
Singh Manjinder
Singh Gurrattan
Singh Amarjit
Singh Gurpal
Singh Swinder
Singh Manjit
Sklover Jerome
Smolensky Mark W
Snyder Linda A
Soufraji Nidal
Sparber Jay
Spears Walter Porter
Spears Karen J
Spellman Steven R
Spence Rudolph A
Spencer Clita M
Spiro Alan A
Stanitsas Nicolas
Stein Helene
Sterling Sevenais
Sternberg Hilda
Generation Skipping Tru
Stjohn Denise M
Strickland Annett M
Stubbs Joseph L
Subianto Shirley A
Subianto-Morales Dewi S
Sullivan Anton H
Sullivan Kathleen
Surace Frank
Suskovic Jolee
Swillinger-Fried Estee
Sy Marcia
Syed Tahir I
Sylvain Ralph P
Taitt Angelina A
Takaishi Kenji
Talpalar Jay
Tambra Mohammad Z
Tarpley Andrea D
Tarr Eric S
Taylor Amir A
Tebbs Family Trust
Teres Parveen
Thakur Manoj
The Rose Gross
Revocable Living Trust
Thelusma Wilfrid
Thomas Hydrick
Thomson Marie
Tie Siew H
Tillman Steven G
Tomko Steve
Toor Baldev S
Torres Fernando
Torrini Brian M
Trimble John H
Trolman Paul R
Tsentner Marya
Tsimberg Vladimir
Tuberman Steven B
Tugetman Michael
Turner Dawn H
Tylicki Josephine
Uddin Mohammed N
Utley Deborah D
Vanderpurje-Welbeck Eric
Vayntrub Vadim
Venturina Wannee
Vilenchik Severina
Vilenskaia Marina
Vizard Robert
Wade Ndeye B
Waite Wallace A
Wallace Lashaun I
Walters Keturah
Warner Arlene
Wechsler Michelle
Weinstein Philip
Wenig Hal J
White George R
Whittaker Onicia O
Wieczorek Arthur G
Wiggins Santina A
Wilkinson Ramona
Williams Amina A
Williams Krystal K
Willis Bobbie
Witzemann Valentine J
Woldar Paul R
Wolk Leon
Wong Steve
Wuthenow Eric K
Xie Leo Gong Hua
Yacoub Ayman
Yakubisin Amanda S
Yalung-Maniti Whilma
Yarberry Milton L
Ydore Maurice
Yeap Nam Hin
Yoshihara Akio
Young Damon T
Zablotny Sergei
Zackheim Ralph S
Zafrin Ilene B
Zannetti Christopher
Zannetti Jessica B
Zarian-Dero Mehrab
Zhou En Bo
Zhukovsky Lev
Zikherman Berko
Zink Michelle A
Ziropoulos Dimitrios
Zor Mehmet
Zullo Linda I



Manage Your Finances Easily With E-Z Checking

Managing your money is easy with a free E-Z Checking Account from Melrose Credit Union. You will earn dividends on average daily balances of $500 or more, plus, there are no monthly fees, no minimum balance requirements and no per-check fees.

If you’re paying excessive fees or a monthly charge for your checking account at another financial institution, it’s time to make the switch to E-Z Checking from Melrose Credit Union.

Make The Switch Today And Save

  • FREE Checking With No Minimum Balance Requirement
  • SURCHARGE-FREE Access At Over 5,500 Shared Branches and
    over 30,000 ATMs Through The CO-OP Network
  • FREE Account Access Through The CU Service Center Network
  • FREE Money Management With EZMoneyOnline
  • FREE E-Z Bill Pay
  • FREE ATM Or Debit Card
  • FREE Starter Checks

If you need help making the switch from your current institution, come see us! Stop by Melrose CU or visit


Melrose Place

Making Melrose Credit Union A Better Place

We invite all members to send us your service experiences at Melrose Credit Union.

Please note that letters may be edited or summarized.


Dear Mr. Kaufman,
I am writing to thank you personally for the efforts
executed on my behalf by one of your staff members,
David Pollack. I can’t tell you how much aggravation he has saved me since coming to work at Melrose.
On December 4th of last year, I sent TLC a certified check which remained un-cashed for weeks. I emailed Mr. Pollack. He responded the same day after speaking to someone down at TLC and told me the check would be cashed the next morning.

Additionally, he has helped me with contract and other specifics pertaining to leasing my vehicle/Medallion, saving me thousands of dollars.

Finally, just knowing he’s there gives me confidence and a sense of well-being that I did not have before. Please hold on to him as long as you can.

Att: Marion Smith,
My daughter and I were at your Briarwood branch on May 2, 2015 to open an individual CD for each of us. We were told, at your customer service desk, that we would not be able to do so without a valid utility bill. I had been told, per telephone conversation, that all I needed was a picture ID with my address. We were referred to your representative Daad Deeb. She  immediately was very helpful and suggested what could be done to solve our problem. My daughter was able to e-mail her, by phone, her last telephone bill and with that she was also able to vouch for me. She opened our CDs with no further problems. What a pleasure to be able to conduct business with someone so knowledgeable and pleasant. Daad Deeb is definitely a huge asset to your Company and when I have further business with Melrose, I will absolutely ask for her. Hopefully this letter will find its way to you.
Yours truly,

Dear Mr. K aufman,
I’m writing to let you know of my appreciation for Melrose staffer Nirmal Narine for his consistent professionalism. He is always clear and courteous and well-informed, does what he promises to do and addresses what is requested of him with efficiency. With Mr. Narine I never worr y that he’ll fail to dot an “I” or cross a “T” of consequence to me or suggest a more complicated than necessary way of handling any shareholder transaction. This confidence in a representative of a banking-type institution is very important to me.
Yours truly,
Dear Mr. Alan,
I would like to thank you for all the help you provided me. I appreciate it immensely, especially Mr. David Pollack. Thanks to you guys, I could obtain the approval for the car to be used as a taxi, and so today I can continue in business. Without your support it would have been extremely difficult for me, or maybe impossible, to continue in business. I have no words with which to express my appreciation and gratitude. Please accept my sincere thanks.
Best Regards,



holidaysHoliday Closings & Important Dates

Independence Day

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Labor Day

Saturday, September 5 and
Monday, September 7, 2015


All Saturdays in July and August

Important Notice

To report perceived credit union violations of rules and policies, unethical behavior, disagreement on account balances, unresolved member complaints, or concerns about the financial integrity of the institution such as  questionable accounting or auditing matters, it can be brought to the attention of the Supervisory Committee by emailing:



Get Discounted Six Flags Tickets Today

Melrose CU members can purchase discounted tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor. Enjoy the thrilling savings all season long, since you’ll save up to $28 per ticket off regular prices. You can save on parking and meal deals as well.

Tickets are valid on any regular operating day throughout the 2015 season. Stop by the credit union to purchase your tickets today!

Discounted Prices

One-Day Theme Park Admission:
$39.99 (originally $67.99)
Hurricane Harbor Admission:
$30.99 (originally $42.99)
Parking: $19.00 (originally $25)
Meal Deals: $13.25


ATM/Shared Branch