E-Z Bill Pay

Save time and money with E-Z Bill Pay. It’s a convenient, Free way to schedule your Bill Payments Directly From Your Melrose E-Z Checking Account.

How Does It Work?

To use our Free E-Z Bill Pay service, you must be set up with EZMoneyOnline and have an E-Z Checking Account. Once you have both of these Melrose services, please contact a member service representative so we can help activate E-Z Bill Pay for you.

E-Z Bill Pay is accessed directly from EZMoneyOnline, and you can schedule payments on a recurring basis or one time only; it’s entirely up to you.

Start saving money today by paying your bills the fast and E-Z way with E-Z Bill Pay.

You must have a Checking Account at Melrose in order to use E-Z Bill Pay. If you do not currently have a Checking Account, contact a Member Service Representative for assistance in opening an account. Overdraft Protection is not available for E-Z Bill Pay. If there are not sufficient funds in your Checking Account at the time that you initiate a payment, your bill will not be paid. You must be already registered for EZMoneyOnline. Call the credit union during normal business hours at (718) 658-9800 and enter 22 for member services to inform a representative you wish to activate E-Z Bill Pay. It may take up to 24 hours to activate E-Z Bill Pay.