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Melrose Credit Union never contacts you by email, text message or telephone to ask you to update or verify your account information. During the online banking login process, we will never ask you to further verify your login by inputting credit card or account information. 
Do not respond to unsolicited text messages, email messages or telephone calls that ask for any account information or other private information. If you think your accounts have been compromised, report it to us immediately in person or by telephone.
For certain user events on the Online Resources platform (EZMoneyOnline), end- users are notified about the event by Internet email for informational purposes. These events include, but are limited to: Change user id, change password, change email address, add payee, presentation of challenge questions via login analysis, and presentation of KBA questions via transaction risk analysis.
Melrose Credit Union employs the highest standards of security to ensure the protection of your account information against Identity Theft and Fraud. Melrose Credit Union , via Online Resources, utilizes multiple defense layers to combat common fraudulent scenarios and mitigate threats to members and are built into the online transaction platform employed by Melrose Credit Union. 

Melrose Credit Union EZMoneyOnline transaction platform

To access your account online, you must enroll in EZMoneyOnline. In addition to requiring a user ID and password to login, we use a Second Authentication process to ensure that your account will only be accessed by you. Online banking users are required to provide answers to personal security challenge questions. Users will then occasionally be prompted to provide the answer to a challenge question before they can proceed to online banking. Additionally, your online banking session will end or automatically "time-out" after inactivity.