EZKidz Accounts

Image for ezkidz accountsFor children ages 6-12, Melrose offers EZKidz Accounts. EZKidz provides children the opportunity to learn the value of saving their hard earned money while having fun doing it. Every kid who opens a Share Account* receives their very own Melrose “Kiddy Piggybank”.

When the “Kiddy Piggy” is full, they can bring it in and use the Melrose EZCoin Counter to make their deposits. By starting young and educating children on how to save their goals, they understand one of the most important aspects of saving money by the time they’re adults – being a consistent saver.

Funds Availability Disclosure

*EZKidz Accounts may be Share or Share Certificate Accounts only. Checking, ATM and Debit Card Accounts are not permitted. A parent or legal guardian must be a joint owner with the child. A child account owner must have a valid Social Security number and some form of identification, such as a birth certificate or school ID.