MasterCard Debit Card

debitcard Whether you are shopping in New York or around the world, having convenient access to your money is important. With a Melrose MasterCard Debit Card, the purchases you make are deducted directly from your E-Z Checking Account, and there is no need to write a check. Since it’s not a credit card, you don’t need to worry about paying interest. Plus, it’ safer than carrying cash. Simply swipe your card, select ‘credit’ and sign your receipt – it’s fast and easy!

You can use your Debit Card anywhere you see the MasterCard logo and you can access your accounts surcharge-free through the CO-OP Network with over 5,500 machines nationwide.

Here are phone numbers regarding your MasterCard Debit Card:

  • Card Activation – 800-466-0040
  • Hot Carding Service (LOST/STOLEN) – 888-241-2510
  • Falcon Call Center – 888-241-2440
  • VRU (voice response) pin change – 800-503-9249

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