Payroll Deduction/Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the fastest, safest way to have funds distributed into your Melrose Credit Union accounts. No more waiting in line at the credit union to make your deposit! You never have to worry about lost or stolen checks. Have your paycheck, pension, social security or other government payments automatically deposited into your account using this free service.

You can also set up automatic Payroll Deduction to have loans and other installment bills paid automatically through your E-Z Checking Account.

Simply contact your payroll office or issuing government agency and supply them the Melrose Credit Union ABA/routing number (226075482). They will also need your five digit Share number, which can be found on your statement or your 14 digit Checking Account number, which can be found at the bottom of your checks.

Enroll Today

To sign up for this service, stop by the credit union or call (718) 658-9800 today.

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