Share Certificates**

Term Rate Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
1 Year 2.080% 2.100%
2 Year 2.320% 2.350%
3 Year 2.320% 2.350%
4 Year 2.370% 2.400%
5 Year 2.660% 2.700%

**An early withdrawal penalty applies to all Share Certificate Accounts. All new share certificate purchases and renewals will compound dividends quarterly. The interest rate will be determined in the same manner as other share certificates, however due to the compounding there will be an APY on share certificates which is different than the rate. Please note that members will still have the option of having their quarterly dividend transferred to another share account. The minimum purchase for Share Certificates is $5,000.00. The minimum purchase for IRA Share Certificates is $4,000.00. Call or e-mail the Credit Union for certificate disclosure and application. (Additional limitations and regulations apply to IRA accounts. Please contact a Member Service representative for further information and disclosures).