Scam Alert

It has come to our attention that some members of the credit union have received a communication titled, “Stipulation of Settlement” from a company called Testoni & Villa, PLLC, which claims to be a debt collection service working for the credit union.  This “stipulation” asks for payment of a supposed balance owed on a Melrose Credit Union loan.

Melrose has no connection with this firm, and you should not respond to any communications from it, and certainly do not send money or provide any personal information.

The credit union is currently investigating to determine the source of these false communications, and we have notified law enforcement.  We will take every reasonable step to protect you, but you are your best first line of defense against scams.  Feel free to contact us (Steve Sala@ 718-658-9800 ext. 1004 during regular business hours) if you receive one of these communications or if you have questions.